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Two youth groups involved in clash in Luwu

Clashes sparked by old enmity between two groups of youths erupted in Walenrang district, Luwu regency, South Sulawesi, early on Wednesday morning, severely injuring two people.

The injured victims were indentified as Arsyad, a resident of  Barambamase village, and Dade, a resident of Kaliba village. The two are now treated at Sawerigading Hospital in Palopo City.

Luwu police station has tightly guarded border leading to the district so as to prevent any fresh clash among residents of Barambamase and Kaliba. “We have deployed officers in charge of anticipating new clashes,” Luwu Police chief Adj. Sr. Comr. Rudi Heru Susanto said on Wednesday afternoon as quoted by tempointeraktif.com.

“We will be on a standby until the security situation is back to normal and noted figures from the two conflicting groups meet to settle the problem,” Heru said.

He further said that the latest clash was believed to have caused by old enmity as the two conflicting groups from the two villages were frequently  involved in clashes over the last several years.

The police have named two youths involved in the Wednesday's clash as suspects, but they ran away when the officers came to their houses, Heru said.

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